Diamond Kepik spout

plastic protoype of a fountain spout

Why make this

It's all Bruce's fault. He stopped by one day. We were talking and he said I should make a triangular trough shaped spout. I tried to explain how I'm not a big fan of that type of trough because it usually puts out a thin stream of water that tends be rather noisy. Most of the time it reminds me of guys peeing in the toilet. No thanks.

But, I kind of nodded my head and said "well I'll think about it and see what I can come up with". Nothing. Zilch. Nada. I came up with a bunch of lousy looking designs. I kind of threw up my hands and grumbled to myself that this would never work.

On the way, though I had a few ideas. One was to turn the Kepik on an angle. One thing led to another and I ended up with a back plate that was reminiscent of a Moorish star and used the front sectino of the Kepik tube.

Where I'm at with the design

I'm at a stopping point. I'm happy enough with the design to commit to making a mold. It's more prudent to hold off for a month or so and evaluate the design later with a fresh pair of eyes.

If the design passes muster, I'll mill a mold and order some castings from the foundry. I'll need a few machining fixtures as well. So, it will probably take 2 months to make theparts after i start on the mold. I expect to have something ready by June of 2017.

Ummm... Sorry Bruce. It may not be all you wanted. But, maybe you'll like it anyway...