Open top spout

open top trough prototype

Why make this

The spout solves a particular problem. Some times a fountain on a pool has coping directly at the edge of the pool it's tied to. This can cause some headaches. Pool coping can often be 12 or more inches wide. So a spout must now shoot water fairly far. The water stream needs to clear the coping.

This spout has a pressurized tank at the back which allows the water to move out of the spout with some velocity.

Take a look at the preliminary specifications - it includes a flow profile

Where I'm at with the design

Still in the early stages. The plastic model looks good. Because it's so long it needs a sturdy connection to the wall it's being attached to. This is an interesting design and manufacturing problem, but I think I've got the basics figured out. The next step is to finalize a design for a protoype and make some molds

I figure I'll have something ready to sell the thirq quarter of 2017.