Stainless Oona spout

stainless steel fountain spout

Why make this

I've been mulling over making a stainless steel spout for some time. I find the shiny polished sheen of the material intriguing. My first choice was the Kepik spout. I had some cast. Once they came back from the foundry I tried polishing them. It was a disaster. The inside corners and hard to reach edges make polishing very difficult.

Next I tried casting some Oona spouts. The shape lends itself better to what is traditionally associated with stainless steel, a kind of rounded smooth shape with minimal sharp edges. This time, instead of polishing the parts myself I had a company do it for me. Yes, they could polish it. Ummm... but the raised banding on the periphery was a problem. Rats! Had the work done anyway. The part from the polisher looked good. But there was the niggling little area that he wasn't able to get at. Two options: either pay more money to hand polish the offending areas, or redesign the spout.

Well, as it turns out, there are other problems with the back plate. The particular grade of stainless steel (316) that would work out well in the construction is difficult to machine. Just drilling the little hole in the back for the bonding lug is well nigh impossible. The part doesn't translate well into stainless steel

I ended up redesigning the back plate for the spout

Where I'm at with the design

I'm ready to sell these things. I've already sold a few to clients, but have been sidetracked by other projects and emergencies. Until I take some nice pictures and put up the official web page, this one will have to do. Email me if you'd like to order some.

Take a look at what it takes

I thought it would be fun to document what it takes to design and make the spout. I've since found out, it's not that fun. Filming the process is tedious and time consuming. Nonetheless, I've made a number of videos showing what's involved. The first one is here: