bronze fountain spout with square section and trumpet like flare

Big Karlo spout

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Karlo's Big Brother

He's bigger. And, he's a bit different. He's still a bronze fountain spout like his little brother Karlo. Big Karlo can handle more water and project a wider stream of water than Karlo. He has the presence to handle a swimming pool bond beam. But which one's older? They're not telling.

The basics

5 x 5 in drawing
3-5 gpm
arc length
9-16 in flow profile
use on:
fountains, pools
see the color chart
The Big Karlo: a bronze fountain spout with a square section and a trumpet like flare
shown with traditional patina and epoxy finish

It's square !

This is Karlo's big brother. He's just as square as Karlo, but is more like a trumpet or air horn on a truck. Thankfully, he's not as obnoxious.

The spout flows beautifully producing a nice flattish stream of water. It is about the right size for a swimming pool bond beam or a larger fountain wall

Square isn't for everybody…

Squares have sharp and unfriendly edges. A row of these would look fantastic on a swimming pool water feature. Just don't put them too close to a swim lane or high activity are. If you were to bump into the corner of a spout ( say after spiking a volleyball during the fourth of July bash in you pool) it would smart.

a moderate water flow through the Big Karlo spout
shown with traditional patina and epoxy finish

Flows with some presence

The wide stream of water has considerable presence. It's not as well mannered (ummm … boring) as a sheet fall. It can have some mass and movement which just enhances it's presence.

It's best used someplace where you need a larger piece that can make some noise. This is not for a quiet courtyard where you plan to relax and read a book, or write your next screenplay (unless of course it's an action adventure).

Technical specifications


  • 5 x 5 in backplate
  • in projection
  • also see the cut sheet


  • traditional chocolate brown with epoxy finish
  • other finishes available
  • see see color chart


water flows

  • low-end: ¾ to 1 GPM
  • middle: 1 - 3 GPM
  • high: 3 - 5 GPM


  • for #8 wire

What's in the box

Big Karlo spout, allen wrench, PVC bushing and instructions
  • (1) Bronze spout
  • (1) PVC male adapter (Why is that stained?)
  • (1) Allen wrench for grounding lug
  • Instructions
  • A lot of love ♡ – thanks for buying my stuff


If you have access to the back of the spout you can use either a 1 in or a ¾ in supply line. If you have no access to the back of the wall you'll need to use a ¾ in supply line.

If you need to bond the spout, the wire must be #8 or smaller. I believe that current code requires that #8 wire be used, but check your local building department.