I make and sell ornamental fountain parts

I make and sell parts

The things I make work well. Making something "look cool" is easy. Pretty much everyone can do it. Making it work well is tricky.

I'm a small studio I'm not making thousands of these parts, so minor modifications to a few of them isn't a big deal.

I've learned to appreciate well crafted objects and strive to make my parts as nice as possible. I have great admiration for small companies and individual craftsmen that make superior products domestically and supply people with meaningful rewarding jobs. I believe in local manufacturing. The rational side argues that it simply a matter of embodied energy while the emotional side says the country lose a bit of its soul every time a factory closes and jobs are moved overseas.

I design stuff

I focus on parts for smaller fountains but also get involved with other projects that capture my imagination.

I prefer to work in bronze because it's durable, relatively easy to work with and it offers a wealth of finishing options. But I'm tempted to make a few things in Stainless Steel.

It will take months not weeks. I hate to burst your bubble, but the process takes time, If you're in a hurry then this isn't for you.

It's not cheap A medium sized custom spout like the Karlo will cost about $4500 to design and make.

You may not need a custom design It might be possible to slightly modify an existing item to meet your needs. Ummm... somebody may already make what you want