Kepik spout

It may be square, but it has class enough for a formal occasion and style enough for something more laid back. Great for a wall fountain or a swimming pool.
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I make fountain parts

The fixtures I make are beautiful, functional and durable. I'm passionate about design, focused on craftsmanship and care about how fountains work.

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What I'm working on

A new stainless steel spout

Thought it would be fun to have a spout made in stainless steel. Here's the process. …

What I'm working on

Waxes for more castings

We all start somewhere. The bronze spouts start with wax castings …

Made to order in the USA

unfinished bronze fountain spout castings I make the spouts I sell. This allows more control over the finished product. And, since I'm not producing the spouts in large batches, I can make small changes to one or two spouts and provide some wonderful finishing options.

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