bronze fountain spout with round face and small tongue

Neenah spout

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Meet Neenah

Neenah is small. An anacronism in a world of "bigger is better" and "would you like to super-size that?" it excells at being small. It's just what's needed in tight and narrow spaces. The water stream doesn't project far from the spout. It handles very low flows very well. And it's kinda' cute.

The basics

3¼ x 3¼ in drawing
less that 1.5 gpm
arc length
2-5 in flow profile
use on:
fountains, pools
see the color chart
A small more modern fountain spout in bronze with a round cross section
traditional patina and wax finish

Living small

Bigger is better. At least that's what we've been taught to believe. And we tend to live life with this maxim in mind. But there are times when being diminutive is an advantage. Like when you drop your wedding band in the garbage disposal (what prompted you to take if off in the first place... rookie move, never doing that again...) and your hand isn't going to fit through the opening. Your meaty paws are great for laying brick or sawing logs, but thay are not goint to fit through that little hole. Take a deep breath and rethink how valuable being small really is (and how much ribbing you will have to take from your wife for having to dig it out of there).

A moderate water flow through the Oona spout
heavy verdigris patina and wax finish

Tight arc control

Small fountains in tight spaces can be very challenging to design. When working with big catch basins or swimming pools, making sure the water arc lands in the water is trivial. There are numerous options for this sort of thing. In tight spaces, however, it's easy to miss the basin. You don't want the water to wander too far away and miss the target. Any sort of water arc won't work in these cases.

But, you also don't want to constrict the flow to the point that it's just dripping off the edge of the spout. The Neenah spout excells at moving a reasonable amount of water and keeping it from shooting too far out. It's an intersting middle ground that might make your small fountain work better.

At very low flows the water flows off the lip in a broken up stream. At slightly higher flows the stream resembles a fluid chain ( you've seen that before I'm sure ) and stays together fairly well. At higher flows, what would be considered the far end of acceptable flows, the stream becomes more active and tends to move around

To establish a sense of scale a box of aspirin is placed next to the Neenah fountain spout
That's small. Unlike some of the headaches I sometimes get

No, really, it's small.

Don't be fooled by the big fancy pictures on this page. This spout is small. Even experienced architects and designers sometimes have a hard time establishing a sense of scale from written dimensions. Here is a picture to help you with that.

Technical specifications


  • in diameter backplate
  • in projection
  • also see the cut sheet


  • All the standard bronze finishes
  • other custom finishes are available - call to discuss
  • see see color chart


  • 1 in female NPT
  • ¾ in PVC socket
  • I realize that specifying two different connection types is confusing. There are a number of ways to install the spout. Please read about how to install a spout

water flows

  • low-end: ½ to 1 GPM
  • middle: 1 - 1½ GPM
  • high: 2 GPM


  • no bonding

What's in the box

Neenah spout, allen wrench, PVC bushing and instructions
  • (1) Bronze spout
  • (1) PVC male adapter (Why is that stained?)
  • (1) Allen wrench for grounding lug
  • Instructions
  • A lot of love ♡ – thanks for buying my stuff


Please plumb the spout with a 3/4 in supply line. A 1 in line can be threaded directly into the spout. I realize that that is a big size for such a small flow, but the particular geometry of the spout requires this. If you absolutely must use smaller pipe please call to discuss. I can provide a bushing to accomodate 1/2 pipe, but the flows won't match the flow chart and installation will be a bit trickier.

There are no provisions for bonding the spout. There just isn't enough room back there. If you need to bond the item please call to discuss options