bronze fountain spout with round cross section and lambs tongue

Oona spout

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Meet Oona

Sometimes you don't need to make a splash. In a world full of uncontrolled exhuberance, elegance and manners still matter. Water should go where it's supposed to, not splash around making a mess. It's a bronze fountain spout that's more like a black evening dress (perhaps with a simple string of pearls).

The basics

5⅛ x 5⅛ in drawing
3-5 gpm
arc length
9-16 in flow profile
use on:
fountains, pools
see the color chart
The Oona: a bronze fountain spout with a round cross section and elegant flare
traditional patina and wax finish (weathered a couple of months)

Round, friendly and elegant

This is a spout with a cylindrical cross section and an elegant bend at the end reminiscent of a lip on a porcelain pitcher (or more porperly a ewer) commonly found with a washbasin. It's similar to what's called a Lamb's tongue scupper which is typically found on building walls and used to project rainwater away from a building wall.

The spout is about the right size for a swimming pool bond beam. The nice round shapes ensure that if you happened to bump into it the incident would soon be forgotten.

A moderate water flow through the Oona spout
traditional patina and wax finish (weathered a couple of months)

Well mannered flows

The water flow out of the spout is like pouring water out of a pitcher. The stream goes where you want it to without wandering around and splashing all over the place. You'd want that in a water pitcher. There are time you'd want that in a fountain spout. The downside of being so well mannered is that it can become boring. The sound from a constant stream of water spilling into a pool can be monotonous. Sometimes it's not what's needed. In a smaller courtyard with little sound damping, for example, a single stream of water pouring into a pond of water can sound like … ahem … the mens restroom in an abandoned airport at 3AM - quite a bit too much

Use the spout in open spaces where you'd like some noise. If the quality of the sound is important then use three or more of these spouts. That will create some fluctiations and make the splashes more interesting and less mechanical.

Technical specifications


  • 5⅛in diameter backplate
  • in projection
  • also see the cut sheet


  • traditional chocolate brown with epoxy finish
  • other finishes available
  • see see color chart


  • in female NPT
  • in PVC socket
  • I realize that specifying two different connection types is confusing. There are a number of ways to install the spout. Please read about how to install a spout

water flows

  • low-end: ¾ to 1 GPM
  • middle: 1 - 3 GPM
  • high: 3 - 5 GPM


  • for #8 wire

What's in the box

Karlo spout, allen wrench, PVC bushing and instructions
  • (1) Bronze spout
  • (1) PVC male adapter (Why is that stained?)
  • (1) Allen wrench for grounding lug
  • Instructions
  • A lot of love ♡ – thanks for buying my stuff


If you have no access to the back of the wall that the spout is being mounted on use a 1½ in supply line. It's possible to use smaller sized plumbing. The spout isn't too succeptible to changes in plumbing size – but be careful and don't use really small pipe.

If you need to bond the spout, the wire must be #8 or smaller. I believe that current code requires that #8 wire be used, but check your local building department.