New designs in the works *

Big Kepik spout and Kepik fountain spout
big and small Kepik shown with a Tuscan brown patina

Big Kepik

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  • size: XL
  • arc: M
  • flow: 1-6 GPM
A stainless steel fountain spout
early version of stainless steel Oona spout
  • size: L
  • arc: M
  • flow: 2-5 GPM
open top trough prototype
An early 3-d printed plastic prototype of the spout
  • size: XL
  • arc: XL
  • flow: 2-4 GPM
Diamond Kepik spout
Prototype of smaller spout with diamond back plate

Diamond Kepik

price:$ ???
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  • size: S
  • arc: S-M
  • flow: 1-3 GPM

These are some designs that have made it past the prelimary design stages. They are ideas that I'm fairly comfortable with and will move into production.

It takes a bit of effort to turn an idea into a physical object suitable for use. I make a physical model of the part ( typically with a 3-d printer) and test it's performance. If I'm happy with the results, I'll redesign the spout a bit to accomodate the real world. Typically this means adding a reasonable plumbing connection and mounting points at the back. I also revise the design to make manufacturing easier.

Then I make some molds. These are used to make waxes for casting. I'll cast some test pieces, take a look at how things fit together and think some more about how the parts will be machined and assembled. Sometimes things don't fit together so well; either the waxes shrink too much or they may be too thin in one dimension and deform when being removed from the mold. ( boy, let me tell you designing stuff for the real world with all it's problems isn't all that fun) So I redesing and make another mold.

Once I'm happy with bronze parts, I make fixtures to hold the parts for machining.

It takes a while to get a part through the process But, I may be close enough to a finished product that I'm willing to sell some. So, if you see something you like please call or email