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Kepik spout

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Kepik bronze fountain spout

Kepik is a smaller sized bronze spout that excells at low flows and works very well in fountains where the water arc must be kept to a minimum. It's flexible. At low flows it produces an interesting stream of water. At larger flows, the stream is controlled and surprisingly pleasant. The rounded spout lends itself to swimming pools where contact with a swimmer or reveler won't cause too many problems.

Quick facts

4 ¼ in × 4 ¼ in back plate
3 ½ in projection
silicon bronze
¾ in pipe size
Arc length
4–14 in
see the flow profile

Available finishes

Available in the standard bronze finishes with either a wax or epoxy coating. More about the finishes and coatings is on the bronze finishes page

Kepik fountain spout with traditional patina
Traditional patina with wax finish
Kepik fountain spout with light verdigris patina
Light verdigris patina and wax finish
Kepik fountain spout with heavy verdigris patina
Heavy verdigris patina with wax finish
Kepik fountain spout with Tuscan brown patina
Tuscan patina with wax finish
Kepik fountain spout with black patina
Black patina with wax finish

It's square short and stubby

There's nothing wrong with being short and stout. Have you ever seen an english bulldog? How can you not smile back at that short stuby nose, thick lips and droopy face? They may appear grumpy and unhappy, but what's the old saw … oh, yes: appearances can be deceiving. Bulldogs have a surprisingly pleasant tempermant. So does this spout.

bronze fountain spout on a weathered wood background
traditional patina and wax finish

Designed for a purpose

The spout was designed with a particular purpose in mind: to be used on a wall fountain where the spout has to project water into a bowl below. For that to work the water can't shoot too far out. Indeed, at lower flow rates the stream curls down at the center and produces a small dimple or divet in the center of the stream – it's absolutely gorgeous. The stream rapidly becomes a succession of droplets – kind of like large rain drops. In a small space the sound or rain can be just the right touch.

At more moderate flow rates the stream hangs together fairy well. You get a stream that appears substantial yet doesn't splash too much. If the amount of splash must be kept to a minimum keep it in this range. As the rate of water flow increases, and the flow into the spout becomes turbulent the stream begins to wander and move around.

Try to plumb the spout with the recommended pipe sizes. If you're using 1/2 inch pipe you just won't be able to get appealing stream at higher flow rates.

This spout was designed to be used on a wall fountain. These are usually build without plumbing access. The water pipe is burried in the wall and is set during the wall construction. Having something that can simply be glued in place is a requirement. All you have to do with this spout is figure out how much pipe you need to have sticking out from the wall and simply glue this spout in place. Check out the installation instructions.

A moderate water flow through the Kepik spout
traditional patina and wax finish
Basic dimensions of the Kepik spout 3 ½ 4 ¼
basic dimensions of the Kepik spout
Standard #300 can( 14 - 15 oz capacity )commonly used to canthing like kidney beans, fruits, diced tomatossome sauces 4 ½ 3 ½ 4 ¼ 3
Even professionals designers have a hard time getting a sense of how big an item is from dimensions. This should help


  • Part is made of silicon bronze
  • It is designed to be used with ¾ in plumbing. The casting is threaded with 1 in female NPT. A PVC bushing ( 1 in male NPT × ¾ in socket) is provided to screw into back of spout. If you have a piece of PVC pipe sticking out from the wall you could just glue the part in place.
  • A bonding lug for #8 AWG wire is provided at the back. A set screw at bottom of back plate secures the wire.
  • Decorative use only. More secure mounting options available but they are expensive and complicated to install—call to discuss.
  • The water arc changes if the spout is plumbed with a smaller pipe. It may distort in unexpected ways, particularly if the feed pipe isn't parallel to the center line of the spout. It's obviously not possible to move as much watew with a smaller pipe. Also, the flows will not match the ones listed on the flow chart
  • Designed to be removable. Provided it's installed in a way that allows for this. Review the installation detail.

What's provided

back view of fountain spout
  1. durable bronze casting
  2. threaded with 1 in NPT
  3. two screw bosses with ¼-20 thread
  4. bonding lug for #8 AWG wire
  5. installation instructions
  6. PVC bushing fitting
  7. hex wrench for bonding lug
  8. a lot of love

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