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New designs in the works

We've always got a couple irons in the fire. These are some designs that have made it past the prelimary design stages. They are ideas that we're fairly comfortable with and will move into production.

a bronze spout prototype a bronze spout prototype a bronze spout prototype a bronze spout prototype a bronze spout prototype

It takes a bit of effort to turn an idea into a physical object suitable for use. We make a physical model of the part ( typically with a 3-d printer) and test it's performance. If We're happy with the results, it will be redesign a bit to accomodate the real world. Typically this means adding a reasonable plumbing connection and mounting points at the back. The design may also be adjusted a bit to make manufacturing easier.

Then we make some molds. These are used to make waxes for casting. We'll cast some test pieces, take a look at how things fit together and think some more about how the parts will be machined and assembled. Sometimes things don't fit together so well; either the waxes shrink too much or they may be too thin in one dimension and deform when being removed from the mold. Boy! Let me tell you, designing stuff for the real world with all it's problems isn't all that fun.

Once we're happy with the waxes we produce we'll send a batch to the foundry. They'll cast them and once we have the bronze parts in hand, We'll make fixtures to hold the parts for machining.

It takes a while to get a part through the process But, we may be close enough to a finished product that we're willing to sell some. If you see something you like please call or email.