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We make fountain spouts that are beautiful, easy to install and just plain work well.

You weren't expecting us to tell you that they are ugly were you? Judge for yourself.

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Kepik bronze fountain spout

Elegant finishes. The available finishes are sumptuous. They are applied by hand and have the character that a mechanically applied paint or powder coating can't achieve.

Orders ship in a couple of days A fountain spout doesn't need to be another construction delay. Get the scupper you need shipped out in a couple of days.

Easy installation. A competent contractor can take just about anything and “make it work”. Skip the headaches. The parts are designed for easy installation (and removal when it becomes necessary).

Graceful designs Outer appearance gets all the attention, but the stuff below the surface makes the parts a pleasure to live with. The parts are engineered to work.

We stand behind our products

It's our mission to make great hardware. That is why every single item comes with a lifetime guarantee. We will do everything in our power to keep your product in use. We're not designing these things so they can end up in a landfill (as naive as that sounds.)

hand holding a fountain spout

Alternatives to meet your needs

One size doesn't fit all. That one size might be too long. It might be too short. It might project water too far, or, it might not project water far enough. The color might not match your decor. No problem. We've got options.

Three Oona fountain spouts side by side
We sell different sizes of the same design. Pick the size best suited for your application.
Two version of the same bronze spout each projecting a stream of water differently
We sell a few designs that look similar, but function differently. The Kepik looks best when a gentle stream of water flows over the edge, whereas the LT Kepik is designed to project a ribbon of water quite a distance from the spout
A bunch of Oona fountain spouts made of polished stainless steel
A few of the designs lend themselves to a more modern interpretation. The Stainless steel version of the Oona retains the same swooping shape as the bronze version, but the shiny material makes it feel sleeker and more elegant.
Martins Zinbergs standing in front of milling machine

The parts I make are hand crafted in California. I appreciate well crafted objects and strive to make the parts we sell as nice as possible.